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"MOND" company was established in 1998 in the village of Barutin, a picturesque village in the heart of the Rhodopes, one of the most beautiful mountains in Bulgaria. Started as an enterprise for the production of solid wood furniture with small capacities, the company currently has specialists working with machines from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with program management and guaranteeing high quality of the manufactured products.

Established furniture manufacturer for furnishing kitchens, bedrooms, children's rooms, living rooms, entrance halls, offices, restaurants, and hotels, offering a full set of services.


In the future, we actively build up the changes in the technique and the market. This provides us with company success and development. With this initiative, we offer our customers innovative solutions and our staff active workplaces. The company's income ensures our growth and financial independence while creating jobs that are much-needed in our area.


We know that our endeavor must coincide with the public interest. Our products and activities primarily serve the safety and convenience of people and the economical use of environmental resources.

Initiative and consistency

We work on our initiative with entrepreneurial responsibility and are consistent in pursuing our goals.

Our goals

Trust and openness

We inform our staff and business partners promptly and openly about the important undertakings in our company and thereby create the basis of trust in our common work.

European programs

Европрограма Монд Дервиш ООД

The main goal of the project investment is to contribute to the acceleration of the transition to digitalization of economic activity in "Mond-Dervish" OOD, through the implementation of information and communication technologies and solutions that ensure an increase in the level of digitalization, without damaging the quality of the environment. The specific objectives of the project are - Implementation of a CRM system for:

- facilitating access to services and solutions for implementing modern digital technologies and improving cyber security, achieving basic levels of digitization;

- increasing productivity, improving market presence, and developing potential for sustainability and growth, by implementing the new software product;

- optimization of enterprise management systems;

- achieving faster progress in implementing the company strategy for subsequent transition to higher levels of digital transformation.

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